Believe it or not, journalism is a legitimate profession. You´d never know this from reading mainstream periodicals and watching cable news shows, but the Internet is teeming with living proof, and Truth Café exists primarily to shine the spotlight on the crème de la crème. But if these noble tribunes of the people spend their days and nights investigating and reporting the truth, and sharing it with everybody else, how are they to survive economically? The answer is obvious: their good faith must be answered with ours

Here is a graduated list of ways we can show them support:

  1. Hit that “like”button! (YouTube, Facebook ands most similar platforms offer viewers/readers/listeners the opportunity to “vote up” a particular presentation by clicking on the “like”button (sometimes a “heart” button). This is the very least we can do for useful content providers, as on some platforms it enables them to monetize (get paid advertising) and therefore indirectly helps them make a living.
  2. Hit that “share” button! Most platforms offer the opportunity to share content with others, by sending the link through various communication media (email, text messaging, etc.). This metric also helps monetize the channel. Besides, don’t you want your friends to view this excellent content?!
  3. Hit that “subscribe¨ button! If you really like a provider´s content, consider subscribing to it and getting free notifications when there is new content available on the channel. This allso helps with monetization.
  4. Volunteer to help! A few of our stellar alternative media outlets offer roles for volunteer help. But an always available opportunity to help them is to join us in the kitchen here at Truth Café by volunteering to regularly review your favorite alternative programs, which will help them build their audiences! (See ……………)
  5. Donate financially! Unlike their mainstream media counterparts, none of the alternative media outlets reviewed by Truth Café is only in it for the money. But at the end of the day, most depend on some form of donation to keep their shows on the road, and for those of us who can afford to do so, it is the ultimate measure of our appreciation of the vital work of these authentic journalists and presenters.
  6. Purchase a paid subscription! Many alternative content providers offer paid subscriptions, and these usually come with perks.
  7. Purchase from their sponsors! Some alternative journalists have commercial sponsors, which they often promote themselves. You help them by patronizing these courageous sponsors.
  8. Purchase merchandise offered by the content provider! Some alternative media outlets pay their freight by the sale of their own online merchandise. You are likely to be amazed by the quality of the items they sell...they may be a bit pricey, but remember, this is how they are able to survive to produce their content, so be generous!
  9. Superchats! Alternative media that do live broadcasts usually have a chat platform to interact with their audience. The superchat option allows you pay a voluntary amount in order to donate to their program and be noticed. In many cases, the presenters will respond to every single superchat before ending their podcast, so if you have a burning question for them, or just want to send kudos, this is a great way to do it.