‘Texas Ice Age’ with guests Hesher & Spore, Stewart Howe, Ruckus, Basil Valentine



Conspiracy of National Association of Governors, Texas freeze,
Date of Podcast
Sunday February 21, 2021


Podcast Host 1
Patrick Henningsen

Podcast Guests

Stewart Howe
Hesher & Spore
Adam Ruckus Clark
Basil Valentine

Monologue very brief today, first interview of Stewart Howe about conditions in Idaho and the conspiracy of the National Association of Governors in collusion with the World Economic Forum (no longer a conspiracy theory, it's admitted), second interview with Hesher and Spore about the Texas Freeze and its political underpinnings, Ruckus promotes upcoming "mask hysteria" series and 150th Daily Ruckus show on the ACR network, last interview with Basil Valentine on poltical conditions in the UK and the vaccine passport push there.

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