How Engineered Pandemics And Poverty Profit The Elite – Truthiverse Interview, October 2020



– Davos, The WEF, and Agenda 21 sustainability goals

– Social impact markets that will emerge

– Data mining of humans for profit
– Weaponising the food system
– Biometrics, including nano tech and smart wearables
– Social engineering and eugenics
– Digital Nations the D9 and digital identities on blockchain
– Education…goodbye brick and mortar schools hello virtual reality digital nightmare
Date of Podcast
Thursday March 04, 2021


Podcast Host 1
Brendan Murphy

Podcast Guests

Alison McDowell

Though just posted by Alison today, this podcast was originally podcast in October 2020, but hasn't lost an ounce of relevance! No one exposes the globalist agenda like Alison!

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