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Are empty calories from mainstream news reports leaving you hungry?  Try a heaping helping of alternative hard news reportage of current events  -- usually delicious and always nutritious, truth is good for what ails you!

Morning Monarchy
Morning Monarchy (129)

Morning Monarchy, Our spiciest offering, to be sure. This cynical, vulgar approach to current events is definitely not for everyone. Indeed, you almost need a decoding ring to decipher some of James Evans Pilato's iconoclastic terminology (e.g. Coke = Republicans, Pepsi = Democrats, Swamp Thing = Donald Trump, etc.) Did we mention that this "morning zoo" approach makes listening to news fun again? Although brief attention is given to the headline news of the day, each weekday focuses on different rubrics: Monday is Geopolitics, Tuesday is Tech News, Wednesday is "Food World Order" (diet/medicine/etc), Thursday is "Gnarly" (news of the weird, sex, violence), Friday is a mixed bag of "media memes." Not for the skittish, or those offended by cusswords. Adults only! [Audio only]

False Flag Weekly News
False Flag Weekly News (45)

FFWN comes but once a week, but host Kevin Barrett, PhD and a rotation of interesting co-hosts serve up thirty or so news items from the preceding week on which they report and comment. Kevin keeps things moving through the hoops, you'll feel pleasantly stuffed when you leave the table after the quickly passing hour of staccato news summaries.