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In time of plandemic, keeping up to speed on genuine medical science is more important than ever. Here are some really professional reporters of the latest developments in this field -- all menu items guaranteed organic and non-GMO,  To your health!

The Highwire
The Highwire (42)

Host Del Bigtree is a former professional television producer, and it shows. The Highwire is a flagship podcast not only in terms of content (interviews with top-notch scientists and medical professionals swimming against the mainstream) but its production values are unequalled in alternative media...it's just easy on the eyes, and flows along seamlessly. Del started out focusing on vaccine safety (he produced the movie Vaxxed), but has become a recognized thought leader during the Covid plandemic. Warning: highly addictive!

The Gary Null Show
The Gary Null Show (36)

Gary Null is a pioneer in the field of natural healing. His show on Pacifica station WBAI is possibly its most popular. He brings listeners up to speed on the latest peer-reviewed research about natural remedies, etc. and is another recognized thought leader on the Covid Plandemic. Gary's commentaries are well worth tuning in for...in addition to being the most caring and socially conscious MD you can imagine, he just happens to be a world-class marathon runner! [Audio only]

Lockdown TV
Lockdown TV (6)

Host Freddie Sayers, broadcasting from the UK, keeps viewers up to speed on the latest plandemic developments with trenchant reports and scintillating interviews with those on the cutting edge of real medical  science.  Good for what ails you!

Ben Swann
Ben Swann (3)

Award-winning journalist Benn Swann has been offering stellar, timely reports on the most controversial medical issues related to the Covid "pandemic" and associated "vaccines."  Whilst he covers other controversial political topics, he has a clearly medical focus, so we've categorized him as a "Health Food" for the time being.  His journalism is "good eatin'" in either case!